Groomsmen Suits and Tuxes for Your Wedding

By admin Feb 7, 2024

Whether you rent or buy your suits/tuxes for your wedding party, it’s important to communicate what style you want them to follow. This includes colors and accessories such as socks, ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. The classic three-piece suit is a stylish option that strikes a balance between traditional and modern aesthetics. If you go with this look, consider adding bow ties or patterned ties for an extra pop of color. Suits Whether you choose to buy groomsmen suits or rent them, it’s important that they fit well. To ensure accuracy, have your groomsmen take their measurements with a flexible tape measure or ask a friend to do so since self-measurements can be off. Having accurate measurements will help to avoid costly alterations later on. Dress your crew in modern slim fits with a windowpane pattern for a stylish look that will make them feel confident through toasts, photoshoots and the Cupid Shuffle. Made with crease-resistant performance fabrics, this suit will keep them cool and comfortable all day long. This sleek grey groomsmen suit is ideal for a black-tie event, but it also works for casual backyard weddings. Complete the look with a button-down shirt and dapper bow tie or suspenders for a classic formal vibe that still feels modern. Tuxedos If you want your groomsmen to look dressed up for your wedding, a tuxedo is the way to go. Tuxes offer a timeless look that’s versatile enough for any wedding theme. Tuxedos have a unique style that makes them stand out from suits. They typically feature shawl lapels and satin materials. Pair them with white dress shirts, bow ties or cufflinks for an elegant look that can be tailored to your wedding vision with the right accessories. You can add a touch of personality to your groomsmen’s outfits by choosing different collar shapes, fabrics and blazer styles. You can also add some color by working it into your attire through the use of a cummerbund, waistcoat or pocket square. Dress Shirts Whether you opt for matching groomsmen suits or more casual options, coordinating shirt color and style will elevate the look. For example, a denim jacket might not scream wedding attire but this classic Levi’s trucker jacket in a dark rinse makes for the perfect complement to casual button-down and khakis outfits. Similarly, loafers are a stylish alternative to dress shoes and pair well with casual groomsmen looks. These suede loafers from Swedish brand Myrqvist are perfect for adding dressy touches to a jeans and polo shirt combo. Keep the wedding theme and venue in mind as you select groomsmen clothes. For a rustic wedding, for example, earthy tones and more breathable fabrics like linen work well. Matching accessories will tie the overall look together, including ties and pocket squares. Shoes The right shoes are a subtle but important element of a groomsman’s outfit. For example, a pair of tan brogues paired with a blue suit is a stylish combo for a beach wedding. Converse sneakers are another great option for a casual groomsmen look, especially in light brown. Turquoise is a modern color that adds an eye-catching pop to any ensemble. Consider adding a touch of turquoise in a tie, vest, or pocket square to your groomsmen’s look for a fresh and appealing color scheme. Whether you’re going with matching suits or mixing and matching, it’s important to communicate with your wedding party about the expected level of formality and any style guidelines that should be followed. If you have local groomsmen, arrange a showroom visit or use an online fit and style quiz like The Black Tux to get everyone’s measurements in ahead of time. Accessories Whether you pick a very specific look or let your groomsmen take the lead, work color into their outfits through accessories. Socks and ties can add a splash of personality, while cufflinks create a polished look for close-up shots. If your wedding is more casual, consider adding a denim jacket to your groomsmen’s wardrobe. A dark indigo Levi’s trucker jacket can look stylish with a classic button-down shirt and khakis. Handkerchiefs are another great option for bringing in color and texture to your groomsmen’s look. Choosing a style that matches the tie and reflects your wedding’s theme can make a huge difference in how well your groomsmen coordinate.

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