German Lessons in London

German is one of the most popular foreign languages in Europe. In London, there are many ways to learn German, from traditional classroom courses to online language lessons.

If you’re a beginner, you can take a German course from Berlitz, which is designed to make learning fun and engaging. They also offer online German lessons that give you the flexibility to fit your learning style into your busy schedule.

Private German lessons

German is one of the most popular language lessons offered by teachers on Superprof and for good reason – it’s the second most spoken native language in Europe, a crucial business language and opens up a whole new world of travel opportunities. Whether you’re highly motivated to learn fast or want to take your time and learn more slowly, a private German teacher will help you progress on your journey.

During your lesson, your tutor will use a variety of resources to help you reach your goal, whether that be through newspapers, news articles, podcasts, novels, TV shows or films. They will also create written mind-maps for you, which include standard phrases, idioms and grammar rules that you can review in your own time. It’s these personalised lessons that make it easier to get results and help you become fluent in German. Unlike group classes, which are less flexible, private one-to-one lessons offer more opportunity to tailor the learning process to your needs.

Business German lessons

In a world where international business is the norm, having fluency in German gives you an edge. It opens doors to career advancement, immersive cultural experiences, and exciting travel opportunities. It also connects you to London’s vibrant German-speaking community.

Cactus offers a variety of business-specific German language courses for adults. These include:

Whether you need to communicate with German colleagues, clients or partners, our online and face-to-face Business German lessons will help you progress to the level of fluency required for your professional needs. Our Business German courses combine conversation, grammar, tailor-made materials and a variety of learning methods to make the most of your time and achieve your goals.

Whether you need to learn Business German for your work or just want to brush up on your skills, our professional, native speaker instructors will ensure you achieve the level of fluency you need. We offer flexible lesson times and locations to suit your schedule.

Group German lessons

Learn German with a group of people in our classroom in central London or online. You can join a group class at any level, from Beginners (A1) to Advanced (C1).

Our adult evening German courses are open to students and professionals of all backgrounds and ages. Whether you want to travel or work in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, our German classes can help you achieve your language goals.

Kochiva offers interactive and effective language courses led by native-speaking teachers. Their German lessons follow the Common European Framework and are crafted to suit your individual learning goals. They also offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs. These online German classes can be completed at your own pace, and they are affordable for both local residents and international learners. In addition, they can provide you with a personalized plan and expert support for proficiency exams such as GCSE, Goethe-Institut, or IB German. These ten-week online courses are a great way to practice your German in an interactive and fun setting.

Online German lessons

For people who want to learn German but can’t commit to a full-time course, online German lessons are a great option. These lessons can be done anywhere, anytime, and can be tailored to suit your schedule and goals. They’re also a great way to prepare for various language exams, such as GCSE German, A-level, Test DaF, and Goethe-Institut exams.

The world’s second largest exporter and fourth-largest economy, Germany offers numerous job and business opportunities. Knowing the language will help you increase your career prospects and open the door to new cultures and experiences. With 100 million native speakers, Germany is a popular choice for many as a second or third language. The most effective way to learn German is to take private classes with a tutor. There are several ways to find a German tutor, including university or community college language centers and local academies. These institutions offer a range of classes from beginners to advanced levels.

German lessons London

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